Japan calling

September 2020 and March 2021

Anita De Coteau is participating in Kansai Music Conference for artists. She is performing in Japan this September and singing her songs in front of live audience. She has got herself a promoter in Japan. In addition of KMC concert she will also be doing a tour of Japan in March 2021. Further detail and tour timetable will be released later on. Follow the articles and On Tour calendar for later more accurate information.

What is KMC?

Kansai Music Conference attracts artists of various genres from all over the world to gather in the unique city of Osaka to share their culture & art with an ever growing community of talented artists. Starting in 2009 as a unique type of music festival in a culture where one has never existed, KMC has established itself as an annual event and a destination for international musicians looking to perform in Japan, as well as a model for other internationally minded music festivals in Japan.

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